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Commercial Excess Liability Insurance for Ormond Beach area Businesses

Experience has taught us that there isn’t one protective coverage plan that is perfect for every situation. In fact, in our current state of society, there are new threats to the well-being of your business almost every day. At Commercial Coverages Inc., we understand that with standard property and liability policies in place, you’ll feel pretty comfortable. However, we’ve been around the Ormond Beach area long enough to know that a commercial excess liability insurance policy is often just as important as the primary policy. The excess casualty policy picks up where the primary policy leaves off. Unexpected risks can take a huge toll on the well-being of your business. With this protection in place, you’ll be prepared for claims that exceed the limits of your primary policy.

Additional Limits and Umbrella Coverage

What exactly does this policy offer? You need to understand that excess liability insurance doesn’t provide additional coverage. Instead, it increases the limits of the primary policy. We work closely with our clients, helping them understand the difference between additional limits (which are provided through this protection) and additional coverage (which is not.) A hybrid policy of excess liability and additional coverage is commercial umbrella insurance. This option delivers both additional coverage and additional limits.

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Also Serving the Palm Coast and Ormond Beach Areas

At Commercial Coverages Inc., we realize the vulnerability that just about any business experiences. The work we do in Daytona Beach, Deland, Holly Hill, New Smyrna Beach, Ormond Beach, Palm Coast and Port Orange can provide you with the protection you need to resolve that vulnerability. Give us a call to talk about the risks and exposures that might harm your business and how commercial property insurance can help mitigate them. Our Palm Coast number is 386-446-2330 and our Daytona Beach number is 386-756-8551.


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